Listed below are testimonials from my clients.

Nayan P. Said:
“Working with Rosina has been awesome. Not only does she bring a wealth of knowledge and real experience, but her training methods have proven effective. I’m honestly surprised to see our dogs improving each week. They seem to know when she’s on her way and love her as well. We look forward to continuing our training!”

Kendall L. Said:
“Bailey was a rescue we adopted (from the side of 610) a little over a year ago. After going through heart worm treatment, my fiancé and I started noticing some aggressive behavior from her. I was at a loss for how to respond to her bad behavior, let alone how to even start training her. I found Rosina through my vet’s office, and she’s been working with Bailey (and me) for several months on a variety of issues and training techniques – crate anxiety, stubborn tendencies on leash walks, and thunderstorm anxiety. I learned so much about my dog and her behaviors and how I can positively respond to them. Rosina taught me the power in positive reinforcement and Bailey is a much more happy and confident dog because of Rosina. She just graduated from basic training today, and we are looking forward to moving into advanced training with Rosina in the near future!”

Stacey K. said:
“Rosina is amazing! My severely storm anxious and come to find out animal aggressive rescue has transformed over the last several months! We started with just the basics and Ro focuses on building confidence and took the time to see what worked for my Evie (also giving homework which is great, she doesn’t just train the dogs but the human too lol). We are currently advancing to working in public parks and integrating dog interaction and her storm anxiety has improved tremendously. We graduated basic skills and working towards her master’s :). And Evie loves her… Highly recommend!!”

Heidi Y. Said:
“About a year ago, I adopted a senior German Shepherd who had been previously abandoned. After bringing him home, I have to admit that I was overwhelmed with how to approach his severe anxiety issues. If I left the house, the neighbors would hear him cry the whole time I was gone. He would tear up everything in the house, and several times he escaped the house and was fortunately returned to me by nearby neighbors. I was at my wits end and we needed a solution. Barker academy understood my plight, and his too. They gave me the guidance and tools I needed to help alleviate his anxiety and rediscover my sanity! The photo is what I get to look forward to finding when I come home now! Night and Day difference!! Then later on, she even showed me how to work with him despite his impaired hearing, to even teach an old dog new tricks! The instructions were so simple and easy to follow and I was shocked at how fast we gained results! I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Barker Canine Academy!”