Skills and Behaviors

Basic Skills/Behaviors:

Sit- This is when the dog places his/her rump on the floor. This can be used as a default behavior to assist in other behaviors.

Stand- This is when the dog is stands on all fours. This can be useful during grooming and veterinary visits.

Down- This is when the dog goes into a laying position. This can be helpful at bedtime or when company visits.

Come- This is when the dog comes to you when you call them.

Wait- This is when you would ask the dog to wait a moment, like when opening your door to go for a walk.

Stay- This is when you direct the dog to stay in a spot and are not to move until directed.

Leave it- This is when you tell the dog to leave something alone. This is my favorite behavior because this can be used for anything!

Heel- This is when the dog positions themselves to be at the owner’s heel.

Taking these basic behaviors and building the dog’s confidence we will continue to expand your dogs training abilities. Using these behavior you can build upon them to more advanced behavior.

The list of behaviors could go on! There are far too many behaviors to list here. The basic behaviors are necessary to learn to perform any advanced behaviors.