Meet Your Trainer

Rosina Barker

Originally from northern Indiana, I moved to Houston in 2011. As a child, I would always help an animal in need, from birds with broken wings to squirrels trapped in fences. My compassion for animals inspired me to choose a career that would fulfill my love for animals. I have really enjoyed sharing my life with a variety of animals such as dogs, hamsters, frogs and cats.

I graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 2012 as a Certified Veterinary Assistant. I worked as a veterinary technician for 4 years. I wanted to strengthen my bond with animals and expand my knowledge, so I worked as a dog trainer in 2016 while I continued my education. In 2017, I graduated from Pima Medical Institute a second time with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. While working as a dog trainer I found it to be very rewarding. So, I started Barker Canine Academy. Now I can focus my life on what I love to do, both dog training and being a veterinary technician. I work as a licensed veterinary technician full time when I am not dog training.

 I am currently proud to have the companionship of my cat, Scaredy Cat, and my dog, Macchiato. I enjoy dog training and look forward to working with dogs and their owners once again preventing and solving behavior issues that can result in relinquishment to a shelter or possibly even euthanasia. My goal is to provide good personalized positive training that will enrich not only the life of the pet but the life of the owners as well!