Frequently Asked Questions

What does positive training mean?
Positive Training is defined by the AKC as a method that focuses on telling your dog when he is correct, instead of only pointing out what is incorrect. Using a marker, timing and reward to reinforce the behavior you want. In the AKC article, Training Your Dog With Rewards And Positive Reinforcement, they discuss the psychology behind this method. I recommend reading this article. To summarize it is a system of reward or punishment that is added or removed, resulting in the increase or decrease of a specific behavior. Positive reinforcement training concentrates on the addition of a reward to increase the likelihood of a behavior in the pet.

How do I schedule a meet and greet?
You can schedule a meet and greet by contacting me by phone call, text or email. The meet and greet can take place in your home or at an agreed upon location such as a public park.

Do I have to provide any materials for my dog’s training sessions?
Yes. I will bring treats with me and other equipment. However, you are responsible for providing material for your dog’s training session. If extra equipment is required other than treats I will let you know a head of time.

How long does a session last?
Each session is about one hour.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Barker Canine Academy accepts credit cards, venmo, cash and money orders. Barker Canine Academy does NOT accept checks.

Are training classes available on the weekends?
Yes, training sessions are available on weekends. Please note that weekends are in high demand. If you desire weekend sessions there may be a wait before starting training.

How long will it take to train my dog?
That really depends on your pet and the goals you set for your pet. Basic obedience training takes about 6 weeks. However, behavior modifications like anxiety or aggression can take months to years. This can be discussed further during your meet and greet.

Can training help with destructive chewing?
Yes! Training can definitely help with destructive chewing. Most dogs are destructive because they are bored. Training can redirect that energy to something more productive.

How much does a training session cost?
It starts at $70.00 per session but may vary based on your dog’s needs.

Can training be effective for a senior dog?
Absolutely! You can train a dog at any age. Keep in mind that with an older dog it may take a little longer to change an existing behavior. In some cases it is actually easier to train an older dog than a puppy. Older dogs are usually calmer and are better focused than puppies. Training can add enrichment to your older dog who may not be physically able to play as they did in their younger years.

I have a new puppy. How do I know when they are ready to start training?
You can begin to train a puppy the moment they are aware of their surroundings. This is usually around 2 weeks of age. However, I recommend starting training no earlier than 4 weeks of age. This is mostly so that the mother is more relaxed and will be less stressed about us training her puppies.